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Every business has an internal culture and a public reputation that defines them. These personality traits can grow naturally over time or be tightly managed within preset goals.

Rent Recovery is determined to carefully manage our brand’s reputation and community service projects is one of the ways we do it.

Most of our reputation is actually outside of our control. Tenants will find a culture of dignity and respect, or a culture of rudeness and greed.

We are determined to model a socially responsible corporate culture and then guide our client’s Rent Recovery company into those same commitments.

Central to this strategy are annual corporate advocacy initiatives.

What is a corporate advocacy initiative?

Corporations build goodwill within the court of public opinion by awareness and involvement in the things that are important to their immediate community.

The goal is for the community to feel that the Rent Recovery company is an asset and not a drain on the social welfare.

Once a year we will attempt to schedule for our clients an appointment with National Service Charity, a 501 (C)(3 ) company, that specializes in the development of corporate advocacy programs.

Rent Recovery LLC meets annually with National Service Charity to discuss our plans. We want our clients to do the same.

We know by experience that these commitments build within the company a compassion for others and a positive public reputation that serves as a counter balance to gossip and slander.

Please ask us for more information when you are ready. While this topic is not on the top of our agenda, expect a passionate appeal from us to join us in a project of this nature within the first year of our relationship.

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